Replacement Covers for EMX IRB-4x Photo Eyes

Foggy EMX IRB-4X Photo Eye Lenses -

I have searched high and low for new EMX lenses and have finally found a source.

Link to Vynckier.

I had ordered a replacement set of enclosures online from Vynkier, they arrived in two days. Actually, one arrived. They had shipped one enclosure instead of two. I made a phone call to customer support and they had the missing enclosure shipped right away.

This was first time I dealt with the company. I called and the customer service rep was very quick to realize the problem. I understand mistakes happen, especially in shipping and ordering. Hopefully this isn’t a trend.

Even though a complete enclosure is sold, I was only after the clear cover. The rear part of the enclosure doesn’t have the stand-off’s for the board like the enclosures from EMX. This is not a deal breaker for me as the full enclosure was around $15 ea. +shipping. This is much cheaper for the customer that having to purchase a complete set of photo eyes.

Sun Damaged











As you can see from the pictures above, the sun can cause a lot of damage to the lenses. This can cause issues with gates being stuck open. As the lens becomes cloudy the infrared light becomes scattered from the transmitter. The more scattered the light, the less gets to the receiver. Once the amount of infrared light gets below the threshold, the receiver will lock on the relay. I have seen photo eyes turn on when the sun hits the lens at a particular angle, and go back into operation once the sun moves on. With a clear lens I haven’t seen this happen.

As a temporary fix I have removed the bottom sticker and turned the lens upside down. You can see this in the picture above.

Magnetic Autocontrol Updates the MicroDrive for Larger Arms

Magnetic Autocontrol in Europe has developed additional models of the MicroDrive line of barrier arm operators.

Magnetic_Autocontrol Access XXL

This includes a Magnetic.Access XXL that can operate a 33ft arm.



The following models are now available in Europe:

Magnetic.Access Up to 2.2 sec open and close speed. 12′ Arm

Magnetic.Access Pro Up to 1.3 sec open and close speed. 12′ Arm

Magnetic.Access Pro-H For use with a boom skirt. 12′ Arm

Magnetic.Access Pro-L 18′ Arm

Magnetic.Access Select Same specs as the Pro models but customization colors 12′ Arm

Magnetic.Access Select-L Same specs as the Pro models but customization colors 18′ Arm

Magnetic.Access-L 16′ Arm

Magnetic.Access XL 28′ Arm

Magnetic.Access XXL 33 foot arm

Magnetic Autocontrol also has additional models for Parking and Toll Applications.

I hope these new update become models in the States. It will be a welcome addition to the current (but limited) line up of operators.

The MTS operators are not in the product line on the European website. The new XXL operator should be a final replacement for the MTS.